Divorce Lawyers in NYC: A Brief Overview

Divorce is truly ugly. However, if there is no way out to solve disagreements between a man and his wife, this may be the only option left for them. As someone who had to go through this traumatic experience, I decided to post a brief overview. If you are someone planning for or going through this tragic juncture in life in New York City, these insights would be of advantage.
Residency requirements
There is no dearth of reputed divorce lawyers in NYC. One just has to be informed of the legal requirements of the area and opt for someone who cares for his/her budget. Following are the residency requirements for you to get a divorce in NYC.
• The couple should be residents of the area for a time of one year after marriage before filing for a divorce
• The couple are required to stay as husband and wife in the area at least for one year prior to filing the case
• The couple would have completed two years as husband and wife in NYC within a few days of beginning the proceedings.

Finding a good lawyer

With the venues of marketing becoming easier and more affordable, locating a good divorce lawyer is a herculean task for an average person. However, following the guidelines given below would be of help.
1. Exercise utmost caution: When hiring an attorney to help you with your divorce, you should make sure that his/her personality goes well with yours. The person should also be knowledgeable in all the aspects or processes involved in it. Do not be carried away by the initial consultation. If the lawyer refuses to take your calls or appear hesitant to answer your queries, you should reconsider your choice.
2. Maintain good communication with your ex-spouse: This may appear to be a bit difficult. But, doing this is a must to stay protected from unwanted expenses due to court proceedings.

Do a research and you would be presented with sufficient information on any number of divorce lawyers in NYC. Go for someone who cares for you.

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Divorce Lawyers: Your Ultimate Guide

I am a person who believes that divorce is something one should avoid at any cost. But, there may be certain occasions where that becomes the only viable solution to solve disagreements for good. This is what made me search for information on the same online. Discussing the matter with friends or even with family members appeared to be a bit difficult for me. Both of us had agreed upon a divorce. We didn’t even feel the need of an attorney for the same. However, on a second thought, we decided to approach a lawyer to avoid possible risks. We had to make sure that the future of our children is not affected by our divorce.
As someone who was fortunate enough to find good contacts in my attempts to locate reliable divorce lawyers, I thought of posting some tips. These would definitely be of benefit to those who are in a state of indecision in the matter.

Do you need a divorce attorney?
Divorce is truly a disheartening event. All the love, support and care couples enjoyed get lost within the matter of a few days. While some take up the challenge and overcome it gracefully, others experience a hard time getting over the issue. Besides, it is always advised to solve the troubles outside the court. However, if you are angry and fear the possibility of rash decisions, the best option is a divorce attorney. But, do not be under the wrong impression that you can feel relaxed entrusting everything with divorce lawyers. It is true that getting help from an attorney to solve trouble avoids the possibility of making children suffer as part of parental fights. But, you have to make sure that the attorney of your choice is someone who cares for the client. If you want an amicable solution, you must get it at any cost.

Go for collaborative practice
There is another alternative for those who want to divorce gracefully; collaborative practice. Here, both the divorce lawyers sign a contract to share all the information on their own free will avoiding the possibility of going to court for the same. However, you would be able to get this facility only when both the parties opt for lawyers who have signed up in the venture.

Selecting an attorney
You have considered all the possible options and have decided to hire a divorce lawyer to help you overcome the trouble. But, how to find a reliable one? This is something which deserves utmost importance because there are lawyers who make sure that their clients remain the most aggressive in court. Keeping the following points in mind would be of great advantage to you in the matter.
1. Experience in the field: This is the first concern you have to address when trying to locate a divorce attorney. Doing this would help you stay one step ahead if the matter goes to the court. The lawyer is in a position to expect possible jurisdiction in the cases like yours. This information makes the process of getting a favorable verdict fast and simple.
2. Testimonials from other clients: Another reliable source of information when it comes to divorce lawyers is testimonies from their clients. Explore your choice person’s website. If you fail to find anything of use, ask him/her to give contact numbers of previous clients. They would be in a position to help you understand what to expect from a legal expert in the field.

You should also make sure that you are able to establish a good relationship with the expert in question. And, do not forget to enquire about the fees and other expenses involved in the proceedings.
Finding a knowledgeable and reliable legal expert to help you divorce amicably may appear to be a daunting task. But, it is far better than having to suffer the consequences of having to go through the process all alone.

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Divorce Lawyers for Men: What You should Know

The time when people were quite sad about having to divorce their partners is long gone. At present, they are angry with everyone around them, with the partners of their spouses if they have any, their parents and even with their friends. At least, that is the emotion which dominated my actions at the realization that divorce is the only viable option left for me to avoid the recurring fights between us. I needed to protect myself from any drastic action my wife may take. For this reason, I started gathering information on divorce lawyers for men. Following are the tips I came across and I thought it would be helpful if I share the same with those who suffer like me.

How to find a good lawyer?
The question, do you need a lawyer is simply obsolete. Everyone knows that an attorney is a must-have to ensure that everything is settled in the right way. The trouble is finding a lawyer on whom one can rely on. The tips given below would be of advantage to you in the matter.

1. Are you more comfortable with a male attorney? This is the first question which needs to be answered when searching for divorce lawyers for men. However, do not be under the wrong impression that female lawyers are inferior in comparison to their male counterparts. Just make sure that you are able to communicate well with the lawyer of your choice.
2. Experience in the field: Divorce is a great turning point in life. Take care to ensure that the attorney whom you choose to represent yourself is knowledgeable in the matters like custody and property laws in the State of your residence. The best option is going for someone who has been practicing in your area for some time.
3. Is your choice lawyer impartial in his/her views? You may feel vindicated to see that your attorney is someone who feels that men are always treated as oppressors when it comes to divorce. But, this is not going to help you in the long run. Approach a lawyer who you feel is capable of seeing both sides of the trouble.

The kind of advice given: A genuine lawyer is someone who listens to the concerns of clients and advice accordingly. Watch out for generic-sounding advice and stay away from those who give them. Having to go through a divorce is truly a traumatic experience. But, reputed divorce lawyers for men are capable of helping you take wise decisions at all junctures in the process.

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Tips to find a Pro Bono Divorce Lawyer

What is a pro bono divorce attorney?

Divorce is always very challenging and difficult for any couple who choose to get separated. Being a divorce lawyer I have closely observed many such incidents. At times it has been sad, at times it has been relieving for the parties, but stressful they always are. It becomes even more demanding when a client is unable to pay for the legal services of a lawyer. That is why many attorneys offer pro bono services. Pro bono divorce lawyers provide free legal advice and services to people who cannot afford it. It is done in public interest and as a love for their own profession.

Tips to get a pro bono divorce attorney

Though not all but some pro bono divorce lawyers mention their free services on their websites and advertisements
Young lawyers with less experience get interested in pro bono work.
Cold calling the lawyers’ offices is another way of finding out if they are willing to take up a free client
The client must have all the necessary information ready for the lawyer to save his time
After getting a pro bono attorney the client must help him throughout the case
It is important to develop a good rapport with the pro bono divorce lawyers so that they are passionate about the case.

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